Vrije Academie  Den Haag                                1982-1984

Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam     1985-1991


Solo and group exhibitions.

Decoration commisions.

member  NNBK

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2011   Kulturkontakt Nord , mobilitetsstod, Sverige
2006   Residence on Kings Bay, Ny-Aalesund Svalbard
2005   Residence in Culturel Council of east Iceland
2009   Residence in Culturel Council of east Iceland

Private collection


Her Royal Highness Queen Sonja of  Norway has visited my                                                                                                                                   atelier and bought  a painting for her private collection.



Hadsel Authority bought 4 paintings  til the new skole in Melbu .

As a result , I got a commission of Trollfjordkraft to make an installation in their hydro-electric power plant in Trollfjord  


In connection with the Gulf Stream project, I decorated an  electric transformer shed in Stokmarknes into an art installation, called  



Hadsel local Authority has donated my work to the  "Hurtigrutens Hus" in  Stokmarknes

solo exhibitions

2015          Galleri Hildreland Straume

2013          Jazz festivalkunstner Sortland

2012          Trollfjord kraft turbin,Trollfjord

2010          Galleri Parallell Univers

2010          Trollfjord kraft turbin,Trollford

2007          Jazz festival Sortland

2006          Norsk Fiskeindustrimuseum Melbu

2004          OVDS Hurtigruten Finnmarken

2004          Galleri Longyærbyen,Spitsbergen

2002          Northernlights Festival, Tromsø        

2002          “ Kunst Pause” Spitsbergen

1995          Galleri Apotheket, Stokmarknes

1994          Kunstnerhuset, Sortland

1993          Centre Culturel, Riberac, France

1993          Gallery Lusignac, France

Group exhibitions

2015               Kunstnerhuset  (Kulturfabrik Sortland).

2014               Nordens Hus i Reykyavik

2014               Galleri Aphotheket Stokmarknes

2012               Rødgarden, Sommer Melbu

2012               Galleri L´ Arterra , Nederland

2012               Galleri Hidreland, Bø 

2011               Sla`tid og hringurinn, Eglistadir

2011              700is Island, Eglistadir

2010              Kulturferga «Sigrid»

2009              Fljo`tid og hringurinn, Eglistadir

2008              Sla`turhu`sinu, Eglistadir, Island

2008              Galleri  Bø

2006              Galleri-sg Trondheim

2005              Barcelona. Spain

2005              Nordnorskkunstsenter, Svolvær

2005              Øksnes Kunstforetning

2005              Tingvoll kunstlag

2003              Northern lights Festival Alta

2002              Galleri Baltikum, Alta

2001              Melby strand, Sweden             

1998 -09        Galeri Apotheket

1995 -97        Kunstnerhuset, Sortland

1994              Gallery Jota, Den Haag, Nederland