Myriam Borst


postboks 281

8455 Stokmarknes


+47 90 22 13 52

Commisioned by Trollfjordkraft, Myriam was asked to create an installation  in  their  hydro - electric  powerplant  in  Trollfjord.

The  installation  expresses  how  people  'touch'  (norwegian: berør)  the  'untouched'  landscape. It shows the vulnerability of n

nature, how people affect the pristine landscape a collaborative between peple and the elements, from water to light.

The aluminium tubes (norwegian:rør) split the artwork into two parts  to  symbolize  the  division  caused  by  the pipeline from Trollfjordvatn  to  the  turbinehall.

Tim Chalman  composed  the  music  that he performed live at the opening  in  Trollfjord.

To  express  their  gratitude  for  being given the opportunity to live their lives in  close connection to nature but also to  underline the impermanence of our precious human life and the enormous  consequences of human behaviour on our planet and other lifeforms, Myriam and 'objektør' build this very temporary stupa right on their doorstep on Skjærvøya

under construction

made by 'objektør'


Six grey, drab and modest transformer sheds in the six Vesterålen municipalities have been transformed into powerful works of art.

The transformer art is part of Vesterålen Cultural Commitee's cultural boost from 2000 to 2010 and builds upon the concepts ot the millenium celebration.

The transformer sheds practically screamed out for artistic decoration. They were solid cubes waiting for an artist's touch.

Myriam was asked to transform the one in Stokmarknes.

Inspired by Archtect  Richard Buckminster Fuller 1895-1985

who was already aware of the vulnerability of the earth during his time.

I investigated the geodome shape.