Absorbing of the sun and moon has been used in many spiritual rituals in different ancient cultures. Like the equinox celebration. Whit-out the sun there is no life.

Without the moon, the Earth's axis would fluctuate it will lead to significant climate changes.

Will the moon gets closer to the earth again?

If you can take the northern lights down with a sheet why not the sun itself.

The sheet has his own energy and starts to make contact with the energy of the sun.

Feeling concerned at the end… how long can this continue?

Tittel: `Aborbing the sun and moon

År: 2018

Lengde: 13,33 min.

Music: Frank Oppendijk, Anoek Brokaar, Marc Citroen, Improvisatie.

Eye-opener video

Absorbing of the sun and moon

Foto on alumium 1-2-3

`Eye-opener ` 30x40 cm

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